Don’t you feel like you’re being beaten over the head with this issue?

If you read the rationales, videographers don’t need to be VOTING MEMBERS to complement verbatim stenographic reporters; to assist in promoting proper technical research; or to cooperate for the benefit of the public.  They should be doing these things already just for job security.

Here’s what they REALLY WANT:  A say in who sits at the table, and to have a voice in their own governance.

NCRA is not theirs to govern.  As we’ve said before, if they want a say in the governance of NCRA, they should become verbatim stenographic reporters!

Videographers are an ancillary service to verbatim stenographic reporters — just like exhibit displayers and concierges on Zoom; the people that copy, bind and Bates-stamp exhibits; and the synchronizers of transcripts and videos.

Allowing videographers as voting members is the first step in them “sitting at the table.”  All they will need to do is band together and get enough votes to change the bylaws again, and in a few years we will have a videographer sitting as the president of this association!

And here’s another bee in our bonnet:  Our president is giving a videographer the microphone at an upcoming Town Hall meeting so that the videographer can convince members to vote in favor of this amendment!

Madam President, your membership has voted many times already not to make videographers voting members of our association.  It is WRONG on so many levels that you are giving her a voice at a Town Hall meeting.  We are demanding that you not allow any influence over this issue.

Videographers are wanting the vote, and so many members who have the right to vote don’t take advantage of that right!

Please, let’s put this to bed once and for all!  Let’s get as many members as possible to vote AGAINST allowing videographers the vote in OUR association.


P.S. Please forward this post to as many NCRA voting members as possible so that they will vote NO! on these amendments, too.