Business Meeting on Thursday AND Please Vote No! on Amendment 7

We’re wondering why this board won’t give us a full accounting regarding the sale of the fully-paid-for NCRA building which public records show sold for $5 million.  And why the board won’t allow the full membership to vote on the proposed $30 dues increase.

There is an unspoken rule that present boards do not undermine the decisions of previous boards.  But how many previous boards have sold a building and left $5 million unaccounted for?  Many past board members spent ten or more years on the Board of Directors of NCRA (then they go to the Foundation and do more damage there!)

If you are going to the business meeting at o’dark thirty on Thursday morning, please make a motion to table the dues increase until we get answers to questions that we are entitled to, like:  Where has ALL of OUR money gone? Are the rumors true that $1 million of that money went to a former executive director/CEO at the end of his employment? Has ANY of our money been used for that purpose?

If there is a vote for an increase in dues, please have the fortitude to represent your fellow members who may not be able to afford to attend the business meeting and vote against the dues increase!


Also, please remember to Vote No! on Amendment 7 after you receive notice that the polls are open. Not only is this a backdoor way to let nonsteno members into NCRA, removing the proposed language will create the need to rewrite and clarify NCRA’s Constitution and Bylaws next year.

There are many solutions to address the issues espoused by the proponents of Amendment 7.  For instance, Memoranda of Understanding are great ways to work with other organizations without having to change NCRA’s Constitution & Bylaws.  That is how it’s done with many organizations desiring to change legislation.  (We’re wondering why Victoria P. wants to have alternative technologies creep into NCRA anyway!  Don’t let one person’s desire change the goals and desires of NCRA’s membership!)

Amendment No. 7 is a backdoor way to dilute membership’s resounding message to keep NCRA’s focus on Verbatim Stenographic Reporters!

It is VERY IMPORTANT to vote No! on Amendment No. 7. 

Every vote counts!  Remember that there will be many phone calls made by the three people and their friends to make sure that the vote goes their way!  Don’t let that happen.  Vote No! on 7!!! 


 P.S. Please send this to 10 NCRA members so that they know to VOTE NO! on AMENDMENT NO. 7, too.

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